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I eliminate unessential details and use minimal representation in my abstractions. The organic, fluid style of my work suggests the changing natural landscape.  My artistic journey has taken me beyond using transparent watercolor in a realistic manner, to a more contemporary, impressionistic and experimental style of painting.  Using alternative painting surfaces such as Yupo allows me to develop texture, pattern, and intense color central to my paintings.  Experiences in nature, whether rafting the Grand Canyon or observing plants in a forest, provide me endless inspiration and joy. My art leads people to feeling the exhilaration and comfort possible in connections to the natural world.


I love painting outdoors – soaking up the patterns, colors, rhythms, and textures of the natural world.  These “plein air” watercolors and my lifelong experiences in nature often provide the genesis for more abstract paintings.  Rendering a quick impression allows me to simplify the composition and convey the essence of my inspiration. The whims of the environment – sun, wind, rain, insects – provide the impetus for me to complete a painting quickly, and focus on what attracted me to the subject in the first place. Once, I asked a buyer of one of my paintings if he knew the location suggested.  He didn’t know, but said, “It looks like someplace I’d like to be.”  That’s the feeling conveyed in my work.