Welcome To My Gallery of Watercolor Paintings


My original watercolor paintings are loosely realistic to abstract interpretations of my impressions and experiences with nature.  Passion for painting is evident in my vivid, textural, and bold watercolors.  Seemingly ordinary themes - rocks, trees, water - are portrayed in a unique and thought-provoking way.  Layers of paint give a depth that welcomes you into the painting.  Textures beg to be touched, color and form move the eye, and meanings are suggested.  A casual glance at the work is not enough. My art has an organic quality that is both vibrant and comforting.   Exploring an idea from various perspectives, and often in a series, I “push the envelope” of watercolor” in its pure form and with mixed watermedia and collage.

I am visually sensitive and deeply influenced by the natural landscape, and my art is both emotional and intellectual.  Painting “en plein air,” sketching, photographing, and recalling images and emotions - provide inspiration as I explore aesthetic natural forms and personal meaning.  As a self-taught artist I am driven to become a better painter - grateful to the generous mentors who have enlightened and encouraged me.  My artistic journey has taken me from the predictable rendering of a subject to a contemporary, abstract, and experimental style of painting.  Like looking at a piece of polished granite, the more you look at my watercolors, the more you see!  

Enjoy My Art!

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