Remember looking at the ocean, mesmerized by the swirling patterns, the movement of the trees surrounding you on your last walk, feeling the roughness of a boulder and noticing the textures on the surface?
Seemingly ordinary themes – rocks, trees, and water, are the starting point of my watercolors. These contemporary impressions come from my experiences in nature, and my emotional reactions to them. When you look at these watercolors, you are compelled to look more closely and experience feelings the work evokes. 

Original art is unique – one of a kind.  My paintings speak to your emotions and intellect, help recall memories, and connect you to the subject, theme, and mood.   Imagine my watercolors in your home or office, giving you daily pleasure, and helping you relive fond experiences. 
One of my collectors said, "The best investment I ever made was your art, Juanita.  They give me daily joy and enjoyment. Thank you!"

Please contact me to purchase and discuss delivery options.  


Light on the Past

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Beautiful! You are very talented and I enjoyed seeing you in action in the Grand Canyon. I look forward to seeing some finished work from the trip.
-- Donna Sue Dowton, 6/13/19